Our Service

One-stop Shop Consulting Service

Cosmos Biomed our medical device regulatory consulting team and we integrated medical device regulatory consulting service platform to enable our customers enter the world market at any time. Medical device regulations service reduces development time costs and provide one-stop high-efficiency services from sterilization, animal testing strategy and product registration-one stop shop service.

Global Medical Device Registration Service

Experienced global regulation service without language barrier, on-line communication, efficiency submission, best service for global medical device registration partner.

China National Medical Products Administration(NMPA)Medical Device Registration Service

China based localized consulting service and experience rich regulation team, you can entrance Great China market and stand Asia area through our assistance.

Quality System Consulting Service

Cosmos Biomed has completed training program and consulting experience to assist our client establish regulation compliance quality system. We cooperate with many Notify Body to update the latest regulation requirements.

OECD GLP Certificated Medical Device Biocompatibility Testing

Global-level OECD GLP certified biocompatibility laboratory, provide your professional animal study design and avoid the hazard from unsuitable material or manufacture process. Our testing report is widely acceptable from global government authority review.

Sterilization Validation Service

Cosmos Biomed has senior sterilization expert and cooperate with ISO 17025 accreditation microbiology laboratory provide our client compliance sterilization plan. We assist our client improved the product quality and safety for free microbial.

Enterprise Internal Training Service

Cosmos Biomed have highly skilled and experienced trainers in our organization. We can provide you with a clear assessment of your quality management systems, enabling you and your staff to continuously improve quality and performance for global regulation.